I believe the world and the universe are complex and nothing is isolated.

Compositions in the COSMOLOGY catalog reference the design and construction of complicated watch movements, CERN, and compositions of classical music. Consistent with the cosmological principle, the images in this catalog reveal great details in mammoth scale.

Of particular importance to the entire catalog is the spectral while underscoring the importance of detail. Consider the connectedness of the landscape between Los Angeles and New York when viewed from 40,000 feet as opposed to the beauty of a single landscape when viewed from the top of a hill. In the same way, interpretation of these images requires two step viewing. First comes the reading from a distance giving the viewer base color and geometry. The second reading is far more fruitful, yielding the detail that is compelling. This portfolio doesn't compel unless the viewer takes the second step - too much is missed.

Coupling the truth and predictability of mathematics with precise instructions creates one path way to fantasy; blending sensitivities to color, volume, scale, form and balance provides an entirely different journey.

We produce multi-plane, multi-dimension installations and LAMBDA prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Glossy Supreme film. Print sizes, with ultra-high resolution tack sharp detail, start at 96" x 96" and run to 120" x 1576". All pieces are unique. 

This website provides a look at a small slice of the catalog. If you don't see it on the website, call me. I can produce a digital draft in a day or two. Imagine the LEGO factory with two bins - every LEGO ever made and all experimental LEGO's from which you can draw to create whatever you want. Your options here are similar.

Go to www.davemckenney.com to view more from the catalog and pricing.

Imaging naturally follows imagining.